Sonshine Academy

Sonshine Academy came out of a need for young mothers wishing to learn. As they arrived for class, they brought along their little ones, and it became apparent that our young people were in need of a school that was close-by. Typically, children have to walk for many miles to go to school and then they are away for the entire week. They are responsible for themselves and any younger siblings that might be with them. This means that they are often tired and have their minds on many things other than their own school work - things like food, helping little ones with homework, and giving them care when parents aren't present. This is why we are excited to have a school right in our own area, where they can be safe at home every night, have a warm meal, and not worry about all of the extra responsibilities placed on them. 

Today, the school consists of over 100 students and 4 teachers. Our goal is to give the community of Minamba and the surrounding area the opportunity to have a good education as the starting point for a developing economy. We have introduced a feeding program for the students. At this point, we are able to give them a nutritional meal three times a week. It is our hope to soon provide food for them every day of the week.

Currently, the children learn inside an insaka (a stick and mud-type building) that is not meant for durability or long-term use. The construction process for a 3-classroom school block for preschool to Grade 2 is near completion, and soon, fundraising will begin for the next block for Grades 3 to 5. 


Grade 3
Grade 3
Grade 6/7 class
Temporary classrooms
School Block 1