Meet Our Team

Mordicai Chilambe - Missionary Pastor

Mordicai is an integral part of our team at Sonshine. He started in September of 2016 and is loved by many in the community, as both young and old go to him for his care and godly wisdom. There are often children all around him, and so we think of him as the Pied Piper of ministry in Minamba. Mordicai is pastor, school teacher, football (soccer) coach, family man, and friend to many. 

Our board and support team is also an important part of the Sonshine family, as they help to make things run smoothly behind the scenes. 


Chair/Social Media/Website - Laura Bryan

Vice Chair - Jamie Greenwood

Secretary/Treasurer - Garry Bennett

Fundraising - John Bryan

Prayer Support - Jim Reath

Other Positions

Bookkeeping - Kim Reath


Jamie Greenwood - Canadian Director

Jamie wears many hats within ministry, as he takes his role of serving others seriously. His first trip to Zambia changed his life, and he hasn't looked back since - anyone that knows him will tell you of his passion for the people in Minamba, as he can't seem to hide it. 

Jamie is the lead pastor at Spring Bay Pentecostal Church on Manitoulin Island.

John & Laura Bryan - Mission Leaders

John & Laura have been married for 26 years and love doing ministry together! 

They have served together in worship, drama, youth, and missions, as they have learned to embrace the challenges of stepping out of their comfort zones and into life the way God intended it to be. 

Laura enjoys teaching and working with the women and children of the region. 

John also likes to teach and is quite possibly the best games guy when the kids want to have some fun.  

Kerry Reath - Field Director

Kerry was born a missionary - no, really, it's true! She was born in Kenya to missionary parents, and at a young age, she and her family moved back to Canada. She grew up in Southwestern Ontario, and while she enjoyed the farm life there, she always knew that God would call her back to Africa. 

She arrived in Ndola, Zambia in May of 2001, and eventually made her way to Minamba, where she now has a self-sustaining farm. It is here that our youth are learning various life skills through practical projects.