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What started off as a place to teach mothers, has now unofficially become a school of 119 children and 4 teachers. As the women have been bringing their children with them, we have seen their desire to learn. We are currently in the process of making it an official school, so that these kids do not have to walk 20 miles to get to the nearest one, and be away from their parents for the entire week.


This has become a welcomed service here, as parents often send their children away with little-to-no knowledge of where they are or what they are doing during that time. Therefore, the community has begun to help in the process, but for now, the children come and meet in the insaka. A more permanent building, however, is needed to accommodate this group, in order to make this an official school for Zambian children.

There are four ways that you can help us make this a reality. The first is to pray. It is the most important thing that we can all do. Secondly, donations are always appreciated. Another option is to let us assist you in organizing a team to go and help physically build. And finally - very soon - you will have the ability to sponsor a child on a monthly basis. 

Latest project

Phase 1 of Sonshine Academy has begun. At the end of this phase, we will become an official school with the Department of Education in Zambia. This picture is of some of the men in the community digging the foundation. Already completed are washroom facilities for the students, the first staff house and for the final part of the phase, a building with three classrooms and two offices need to be completed.

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